Replace Tents With Permanent Structures

Parks, sports centers and other recreational facilities commonly host events, dining and other activities where people gather. Oftentimes, tents are erected to provide shelter from the sun and weather. But tents can come with drawbacks and aren't always the best solution. Replacing tents with a permanent structure can generate revenue and provide more comfort for patrons.

Q: We're looking for an alternative to renting, setting up and taking down tents to house dining and other events throughout the year. What should we consider?

A: Sports and recreation facilities often utilize tents for interim, seasonal applications for event space, dining and food services. But in many cases, tents are not meeting clients' expectations, as they can often have difficulties with noise, moisture mitigation and temperature control.

Consider the advantages of replacing short-term tent applications with a permanent year-round membrane structure.

If you rent or erect tents once or twice a year, it is less expensive in the long run to erect an engineered tensioned membrane structure, which can generate year-round revenue.

Q: What are the benefits of using a tensioned membrane structure to replace tents?

A: Engineered tension membrane structures provide an ideal replacement for tents. They incorporate a fiberglass insulation package between two membrane walls to address climate control. Glazing walls and daylight panels in the peak of the structures allow an optimum amount of natural light, which enhances the interior while lowering operating costs.

In addition, with new advances in colored membrane, these structures can be manufactured in virtually any color. This allows you to select a structure that can blend in with surrounding architecture, as well as create an increased 'wow' factor.



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