Create a Standout Campsite

Camping provides a fun recreational outlet, but the camping experience is only as good as the campsite where it takes place. Well-designed campsites take comfort, functionality and safety into account, in addition to aesthetics to provide a pleasing experience for visitors.

Q: What should we consider as we outfit our campsites?

A: One of the most important things to consider as you design your site is the comfort of your guests. You need to provide amenities such as picnic tables and chairs, charcoal grills and fire rings, and you want to make sure there is plenty of space for these amenities, so the site won't be crowded. Some campers, especially those with RVs, might bring their own furnishings, so make sure you include plenty of space for those as well. In addition, you may want to include space for a tent, which will increase the size of the site.

Refuse containers should be located no further than 100 feet from a campsite. Make sure containers are durable and made of heavy materials. Receptacles should also be designed with lids that prevent insects and rodents from getting inside, and depending on the area, might even need to be bear-proof.

Q: What about the aesthetics of the campsite?

A: People go camping to have a fun, relaxing experience in nature, so you want to be sure the campsite is not barren. Trees and shrubs can help define and separate spaces in the campsite, providing a bit of privacy while protecting campers from wind and sun.

The surface of the site should be able to withstand heavy use and erosion. Some common choices include concrete, compacted gravel, limestone or marble dust. Be sure to follow ADA accessibility guidelines when it comes to material and slope, to ensure users of all abilities will enjoy your site.

Keep lighting within the campground to low intensity, but be sure lights are provided where needed, such as along paths to restroom facilities. A lantern pole within a campsite helps campers illuminate their own space when needed.



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