Prioritize Gym Equipment Cleanliness

Members' perception of your fitness facility is driven by more than trendy equipment and programming. Ongoing attention to equipment cleanliness and safety—for the more traditional cardio and strength training equipment, or the new array of functional training pieces associated with the increasingly popular CrossFit, boot camp and HIIT gyms—are major contributors to a facility's success and reputation.

Unfortunately, equipment cleaning supplies are frequently placed in inconvenient locations, making it hard for members, and staff, to comply with a facility's desire to have equipment cleaned and sanitized after each use. Unclean equipment surfaces can be the breeding ground for germs and viruses and the cause of unpleasant gym odors. Keeping your standards high is important if you want to retain your current members and attract new ones.

Q: How can we make equipment cleanup more convenient for members in a cost-efficient, effective and eco-friendly way?

A: Disposable pre-moistened wipes containers, and spray bottle and paper towel dispenser combinations are popular, but have proven to be expensive and generate a lot of waste. Additionally, the wipes and paper dispensers are often placed in inconvenient locations, which leads to noncompliance with rules/requests to clean and sanitize equipment after each use.

If you want members to clean up after themselves, you need to make equipment cleaning supplies more accessible and convenient. When you attach holders for sanitizing spray bottles and reusable towels directly to the equipment, members will have the supplies they need right at hand and will clean up as soon as they've finished using the equipment. And, no expensive waste is generated. This solution is both more effective for members and significantly less costly than the disposable wipes/paper options.

Q: What kind of sanitizing solution should we supply that will both kill germs and clean equipment?

A: You need to protect your investment in your fitness equipment and your members. Because of this, you should take care to select a sanitizing solution that is a broad-spectrum sanitizer that will not damage the plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces of fitness equipment, and is safe for regular use in the fitness facility setting. Look for a solution that is formulated for use on the surfaces of fitness equipment, and is "human-safe." And, be sure to follow the instructions for using the solution properly.



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