Manage Waste & Recyclables

Traditional trash and recycling collection wastes time and money. By modernizing this system with wireless sensors, you can continually monitor fill level, temperature, weight, location and collection status. Sensor-driven management helps maximize efficiencies in collection planning, scheduling, routing and resource utilization.

Q: We'd like to save time, money and the environment in our waste and recyclables collection. What should we consider?

A: Using wireless sensors, you can modernize your existing system by monitoring the fill levels and weights of all containers, so they can be collected at the optimal time. An actual weight sensor, which measures the weight, plus or minus 5 pounds, can provide current and historical information on trash and recycling amounts to help measure and improve landfill diversion. This service ultimately saves on collection expenses and ensures resources are allocated correctly, while reducing fuel costs, carbon footprints and unsightly overflowing waste. You can check the real-time status of your containers at any time from any device (web browser, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Elimination of overfilling will also improve aesthetic appeal and community satisfaction.

Q: Will adding a sensor help us locate our receptacles?

A: Yes. A wireless sensor with onboard GPS will provide longitude, latitude and elevation coordinates of each container and communicate wirelessly to any device. This saves time, money and aggravation when relocating containers for special events or reassignment.

Q: We're concerned about vandalism and theft. Are sensors secure in an urban environment?

A: Sensors designed for stealth can be hidden within any side-loading litter receptacle or recycling center. Choose sensors designed and built to remain reliable and accurate even in harsh environmental conditions. They can operate with any type of waste (general trash, mixed recyclables, paper, glass, metals, etc.), while remaining out of sight, economical and environmentally friendly.



Victor Stanley