Generate Revenues From Your Waterfront

If you have an existing water source, such as a lake or pond, in your park, you can transform it and find new ways to generate revenues by adding a playground on the water. Adding a range of inflatable amenities to your water will generate new interest and bring people to the park to serve as a new source of revenue, allowing you to expand your offerings at all your facilities.

Q: We would love to turn our park's existing water into an exciting new attraction for families. How can we get started?

A: Start with a plan. Even small investments can yield big results, but knowing your budget up front is key. The good news is that you can build in phases, using one season's revenue to invest in additional fun for future seasons.

In addition, you need to know your audience. If you want to create a broad appeal, you'll need to create three types of zones: shallow, deep and passive. The shallow zone is perfect for younger kids, as well as swimmers with limited ability. A deep zone will include thrilling pieces for climbing, bouncing and sliding, and will attract teens and adults. A passive zone can feature floating mats and platforms, in addition to pieces with shade so folks can get out of the sun.

Q: Should we also build a concession and other amenities near the water to accompany the activities that take place there?

A: It's always wise to give guests a wide range of options for activities. Volleyball courts, miniature golf and playgrounds provide guests a place to get active, while walking paths, shade structures and picnic areas will give families a place to relax after they've enjoyed their fun on the water.

Combining an exciting and eye-catching waterfront park with land activities will create a park that everyone will enjoy. Charge a small admission fee, and you'll be generating revenue all season long.



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