Protect Gym Members & Equipment

Member retention is crucial to any fitness facility, and one often-overlooked way to bring members in the door and keep them coming back is to provide a clean, healthy environment. Keeping fitness equipment clean is an important step that not only protects members from disease but also ensures your equipment will last. Providing a way for members to clean up after themselves when their workout is done is essential.

Q: What can we do to help protect members' health while they're using our facility?

A: No one wants to work out in someone else's mess, and what's more, members who don't clean up after themselves might leave germs behind. Pre-moistened disposable wipes designed to clean and disinfect the surfaces of equipment will not only take care of the sweaty mess, they'll also stop germs from spreading. Look for wipes that protect patrons from infectious diseases like MRSA, HIV, TB, staph, H1N1 and more.

You can find attractive stands and holders for your wipes, which you should locate in a visible location near the equipment, so patrons can easily find and use them to clean equipment and protect everyone's health.

Q: How can we encourage members to clean up when they're finished using a piece of fitness equipment?

A: When you provide easy access to cleaning supplies, members will be more likely to use them. Be sure to select cleaning products with care, choosing products that are approved for use on equipment by fitness manufacturers. Sprays and hand-sanitizing wipes often contain alcohol, which can dry out or corrode rubber, vinyl, leather and stitching. Sprays might end up where they're not wanted, potentially damaging equipment or leading to malfunction.

Wipes designed specifically for use on fitness equipment are the best choice to keep equipment functioning as it should while protecting members' health. Wipes should be specifically designed for use on the parts of equipment that need the most cleaning—seat pads, leg and arm rests, benches, hand grips, chrome plating, painted surfaces, and steel and rubber surfaces. Also be sure you choose a product that is safe for use on electronic panels.



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