Get Seating Where You Need It

When your organization hosts a variety of events at a range of locations, it can be hard to provide adequate spectator seating. Transportable bleachers that can be towed from location to location are an excellent choice that gives everyone a clear view of the action.

Q: Our community hosts a wide variety of events that call for spectator seating. How can we provide seating at each location where these events are hosted?

A: When you don't want to install permanent spectator seating in a single location, you should consider portable bleachers that can be moved from event to event. Towable bleachers will provide a comfortable seat and a good view for your spectators, and you won't have to invest in seating for every location where you host events. Highway-towable bleachers can be moved around town using a pickup or SUV. Talk to your manufacturer about what your community needs, so you're sure to find the right seating capacity, safety features and accessibility options.

Q: We don't have a large staff. How can we be sure we can get the bleachers from place to place and set up in time for an event?

A: In addition to being easy to move, portable bleachers are also simple to set up. It usually only takes a single person to get your bleachers ready for an event, and setup is quick.

Q: We're concerned about the cost of portable bleachers. How do we know the investment is worth it?

A: You have the option of renting or buying bleachers, so you can check out a unit and see if it suits your needs before you buy. Once you own your portable unit, you can rent it out to other organizations that host events in your community, such as schools, clubs and more. In addition, banners advertising local businesses can be hung from the bleachers, giving you one more way to earn back your investment.

Q: What types of towable bleachers we should consider?

A: Towable bleachers generally range in size from 4-tier to 10-tier. Small 4-tier bleachers generally have removable wheels and seat fewer people. Where larger capacity is required, there are two types of bleachers available: spring assist or hydraulic. Check with your manufacturer to see which is appropriate for your needs.



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