The State-of-the-Art Student Experience

St. Mary's High School in Stockton, Calif.


With a history dating back to 1876, St. Mary's High School in Stockton, Calif., has dedicated its efforts to developing the whole person spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically. Today, the four-year, co-educational institution offers nearly 1,000 students representing 64 local elementary and junior high schools the ability to participate in team sports and courses ranging from religion and computer science to business and fine arts.

With an ongoing dedication to creativity, leadership, scholarship and service, St. Mary's has also established a long history of preparing students for the college experience. This includes the constant enhancement of learning centers and training facilities across its 25-acre campus.

Most recently, these efforts took another step forward with the opening of the 14,500-square-foot Chase Family Fitness Center in 2015. Built specifically to enhance the physical health and athletic ability of nearly 1,200 students and staff, the new complex consolidates athletic department offices with state-of-the-art conditioning equipment, "smart" classrooms and integrated locker rooms.

"This was an exciting project designed to invigorate and motivate the school's student athletic department," said Dory Tucker, Certified Interior Designer, and project designer, at LDA Partners of Stockton, Calif.

"We were involved from conception to construction based on our long-standing relationship with St. Mary's and the surrounding community. From an interior design standpoint, the trick was inspiring athletes through bold color application and large-format graphics, while still maintaining style, budget and durability of products."


Part of this process was the choice of Scranton Products' Hiny Hiders partitions in Black with EX raised dot texture for use in 11 bathroom stalls and eight urinal screens at the center.

Unlike metal partitions which are subject to rust, Hiny Hiders offer superior resistance to dents, scratches, graffiti, corrosion, mildew and moisture. Another benefit is that they are very easy to clean and naturally resistant to bacteria and carry a 25-year warranty.

"As a designer, I love to research new product possibilities, and being proactive with finishes. I read about HDPE and was impressed with its long lifecycle, one-material design and ability to resist scratching and graffiti. Even with partitions, designers want something that looks sharp. Scranton Products offers cool designs and colors.

"In addition, something very interesting happened as we worked with the partition samples. Each of us found ourselves continually picking them up to feel the Black EX texture. Our firm has used Scranton Products Hiny Hiders for other institutional jobs over the past few years. They are now our product of choice for similar applications since they look and feel great, and we've yet to have a problem with any project."



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