Find Restrooms to Suit Your Site

A site that features clean, aesthetically pleasing restrooms is more comfortable for visitors, ensuring they'll stay longer and come back again. Whether your park is located in an urban setting or a rural area, you can find premanufactured concrete restroom structures that are quick and simple to install, and that fit in beautifully to the surrounding landscape.

Q: We want to install restroom structures at our park that fit well into the aesthetic of the surrounding area. What should we look for?

A: Many premanufactured restroom structures are simple and utilitarian, but there are manufacturers that provide myriad design options, with textures, materials and colors that can be combined to help your structure fit in well with the surrounding area.

Another consideration is the prevailing weather in your location, as well as the heavy use and abuse that is typical for most restroom structures. If heavy snow loads, salty sea air, flooding or other weather events are typical for your area, be sure to discuss this with your manufacturer so you can select a structure that will withstand whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

Q: Can premanufactured restroom structures be customized to make them fit in better at our park?

A: Not only is there a wide range of design options available, but manufacturers also can change the color or texture of a structure to fit in better with your park's look. Walls can be designed to look like barns, stucco, brick, stone or wood. Roof pitches can be varied, providing an aesthetically pleasing restroom structure that suits your site perfectly. Combining various customization options can provide a simple way to ensure your restrooms don't look out of place.

In addition, be sure to discuss other park amenities with your manufacturer. You can find park furnishings that also will fit in with your park and your restroom structure.

Q: We'd like to install a premanufactured restroom structure quickly, but also want to provide plumbing and electric. What should we consider?

A: If your site has access to electric and plumbing, you can easily and quickly add a restroom structure with lights and running water. Like all premanufactured restroom structures, these will be delivered to your site ready for installation and use. The work needed to install the restroom is simple: All you need is utility stubs on a gravel pad. Most flush facilities can be installed and ready for use in a day.

Q: Can we find a restroom that will stand up to harsh weather and heavy use?

A: Restroom structures should feature high-strength precast concrete roofs and walls that meet local building codes. Steel door frames and window frames cast into the concrete walls will help ensure that bolts and fasteners won't be damaged by vandalism or heavy winds.

Be sure the concrete panels of your building are welded together. This will ensure the structure is strong enough to withstand severe weather, including heavy snow, wind, hurricanes, seismic design category E earthquakes, flooding and mud.



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