Provide Shade in Tight Spaces

Whether you're outfitting a pool, a park or a sports field, you want to be sure to provide patrons a way to get out of the sun. Shade structures can provide comfort and safety, as well as creating a pleasing aesthetic for your site. But in some cases, space is tight, and it can be difficult to determine what will work best.

Q: We're looking for a shade solution but we're short on space around the swimming pool, and we don't want posts to get in the way. What should we consider?

A: Fabric shade structures are a durable, economical choice that keeps the air beneath cool. What's more, many shapes, sizes and colors are available, making it easy to find the right fit. Around the pool area, consider single-post and double-post solutions to limit obstacles on the pool deck.

If you want to keep support columns out of the way, look for cantilever designs, which feature support columns only on the back side of the canopy. In addition to swimming pools, this is also a good choice for providing shade for spectators at sporting events, where you don't want to block the view.

Carefully investigate the options and look for a functional, durable canopy that blocks out as much of the sun's harmful UV rays as possible. Some shade fabrics will screen out up to 99 percent of UV rays while lowering ambient temperatures beneath the canopy by as much as 20 degrees.

Q: We like the idea of providing shade but are concerned about bad weather. What do we do in the case of high winds or hurricanes?

A: Weather can be a concern in many areas. Be sure to look for a shade canopy that can be easily removed and reattached. That way, when inclement weather threatens, it will be simple to remove the shade canopy quickly. It also will ease maintenance when the time comes to clean your shade covers.



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