Find Efficient Building Solutions

Building an all-season facility to house sports programs can be a challenging task, with the costs and difficulties of operating a building all year long. When you find the right building solution, though, you can reduce costs by saving energy and operating more efficiently.

Q: We want to expand sports programming beyond the warmer seasons, but are looking for a quick and cost-efficient building solution. What will work best in this situation?

A: Look for a pre-engineered steel building system, which has a lower cost than most alternatives. Pre-engineered steel systems can save as much as 30 percent of the construction cost while providing an aesthetically pleasing facility. What's more, you'll save time when you use this type of structure. Standardization and computer-assisted design will help save up to a third of the time it would take to construct a facility using other methods.

Q: Are there more energy-efficient building solutions that will help us save resources?

A: Steel building systems that feature insulated roof and wall panels will decrease your HVAC costs dramatically. In addition, you should look for cool roof colors to help keep your facility cooler naturally.

You can also find additional ways to improve energy efficiency and save costs at your facility. Natural lighting solutions such as translucent wall panels and skylights will lower your lighting costs. At the same time, natural light provides a pleasing aesthetic for the people using your facility.

Q: In addition to energy-efficiency, we'd like a building that provides environmental benefits. What should we know?

A: Steel building systems not only save energy costs, they also provide other benefits that can contribute toward LEED certification, a measure of environmental friendliness. Whether you aim to certify your structure or not, steel building systems can enhance energy efficiency and renewable energy, while conserving materials and resources. What's more, steel is recyclable, and recycled steel can be used on all structural members.



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