Spruce Up Your Site & Ease Maintenance

If you're looking to increase the beauty of your park and ensure it stays that way, choosing the right site furnishings is crucial. In addition, you need to understand how much yearly maintenance these furnishings will require. Recycled plastic furniture is a popular option for parks and requires no costly yearly maintenance. Selecting the right furnishings will keep visitors happy and keep your park beautiful for years to come.

Q: We want to create a beautiful, eco-friendly site. What should we consider?

A: Outdoor recycled plastic furniture is a great option with an attractive appearance that lasts nearly a lifetime. While wooden park benches and picnic tables are popular, they eventually rot or splinter, requiring repainting or staining on a regular basis. With high-quality recycled plastic, you'll never need to paint stain or replace boards.

Never worry about recycled plastic furnishings being outdated or out of style. These products are demanded year after year, and are some of the most popular options for park and recreation locations nationwide.

Even better, you can find beautiful furnishings that are made from recycled plastic slats that have the look and feel of real natural wood. With these furnishings, you can spruce up your site with a beautiful wood grain finish, while still getting the maintenance and sustainability benefits of recycled plastic.

Q: Our yearly labor costs are expensive. How can we avoid annual maintenance for our site furnishings?

A: Recycled plastic site furnishings are a great value. Be sure to choose commercial-grade furniture from a trusted recycled plastic furniture supplier with years of experience to avoid quality issues. Look for extensive warranties to back up the quality products. Recycled plastic boards are known to withstand heavy traffic as well as harsh weather.



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