Grow Pool Attendance

Programming is an essential element in the most successful swimming pool operations, attracting a range of swimmers, from kids in lessons to seniors participating in water aerobics. Unfortunately though, many pools are having a hard time competing with all the amenities provided by more modern, waterpark-like facilities. The good news is, you don't have to break the bank to renovate your facility and attract more swimmers. You just need to focus on programming that will draw more people to the water. Modular inflatables provide a great opportunity to expand your programming with birthday parties, competitive events and more—increasing attendance and revenues alike.

Q: We offer a number of programs at our pool, including swim lessons and water aerobics, but our attendance has dropped as more modern facilities have opened in the area. How can we draw people back to our facility?

A: Modern amenities are attractive to many users, but the fact is that it's the programming at your facility that attracts swimmers. You can add simple ways to draw them in. You simply need to innovate with new programming options.

Safe, modular inflatables are a great way to boost your programming potential. They are simple to set up and will allow you to provide more variety in the programming you offer at your pool for a relatively small investment.

Q: How can modular inflatables help improve our pool's programs and attract new swimmers?

A: Modular, interlocking, commercial-grade inflatables can transform your pool from boring to a blast. Turn your pool into an aquatic arena with the perfect setup for hosting fun competitions.

Modular inflatables can be found in a variety of configurations, allowing you to mix and match elements to create new fun for guests, which will keep them coming back for more. Competition is fun for swimmers of all ages—especially the hard-to-attract teen demographic. Even those who don't win will have fun splashing into the pool. Inflatables allows guests to climb and slide, jump and kayak, getting people active in a number of ways.

Once your modular inflatables are set up, you'll want to spread the word. Use social media and other venues to let your community know about the new fun featured in your pool. Hosting birthdays and other parties is another smart way to get the word out. When you provide party rentals, groups get to use the pool and inflatables during off-hours, and many of the invited guests will come back for more fun. Inflatables are also a useful way to increase visitor numbers during free play.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Be sure to change things up occasionally to keep engagement high. With new modular elements being introduced all the time, you can constantly change things up. Expand on your existing lineup with new offerings at any time. Just be sure to look for inflatables made from seamed, welded, 32-ounce PVC that does not require continuous airflow. The right inflatables will ensure long-lasting fun that is easy to set up and operate.



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