Provide Indoor-Outdoor Sports

Some sports, including baseball, soccer, football and even swimming, are often limited by the seasons. Once it gets cold—and the days get shorter—you're stuck with indoor activities. But with the right solutions, you can keep sports programming going for year-round, indoor-outdoor fun.

Q: We would like to extend our sports programming beyond the summer season, but our budget is limited. What should we consider?

A: Pre-engineered structures offer an immediate solution to provide a covered or enclosed facility for your developing sports program. They can be installed on virtually any surface, including concrete, asphalt, ground or grass.

You can find modular configurations that meet your needs, while also allowing you to expand as your program grows. What's more, because they are easy to relocate, you can erect a structure and then move it to another location, if necessary.

Units can be designed for temporary or long-term use, and they are quick and easy to install with little or no equipment.

Be sure to look for structures engineered to meet building codes for high wind and snow loads. Also, ask your manufacturer about installing a pre-engineered structure that integrates sports flooring to allow visitors to play basketball, volleyball and tennis.

Q: We'd like to install a pre-engineered structure, but we'd also like patrons to enjoy the feel of the outdoors when possible. What should we consider?

A: Pre-engineered structures come with a whole host of accessories that can bring light, power and more where it's needed. Clear vinyl windows can be included to let the sun shine in, allowing you to take advantage of natural light. And because the structures are adaptable and need not be installed permanently, you can either remove them during the summer months, or simply remove the walls to let the fresh air in.



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