Provide a Thrilling Play Adventure

Playgrounds can provide an adventure to kids of all ages, but unfortunately, once children have been to a few playgrounds, they might all seem the same. To get kids excited and keep them coming back for more, you need to put the thrill back into the playground. You can do that by installing active, interactive and adrenaline-boosting playgrounds that create a perception of risk while maintaining a safe play environment.

Q: We want to provide a more thrilling playground experience for kids who come to our park. What should we know?

A: Playgrounds are fun, but the classic play equipment that's been around for decades can get boring after a while. To provide more excitement, you should look for playgrounds that incorporate more motion and innovative design to heighten the thrill.

To engage children and encourage them to stretch beyond their current capabilities, playgrounds should provide the perception of risk, without actually creating a dangerous situation. The most exciting playgrounds will give kids the feeling that they are challenging themselves, making their own decisions and stretching just beyond their comfort level to get a thrill as they climb, slide and explore. These kinds of challenges not only give kids a great physical workout, but also grow self-confidence and decision-making skills.

Q: What are some ways we can introduce perceived risk onto the playground?

A: Lots of playgrounds have slides, swings and activity panels. You should go beyond the ordinary and look for truly exhilarating equipment, such as rope course-inspired activities and more. Talk to your manufacturer about their existing options as well as the ability to customize a playground that fits your space.

A towering adventure playground with challenging physical events will be a thrill for kids seeking extreme play. The design can take kids up high via fully enclosed skyways that provide elaborate rope course-inspired activities far above the ground to add an element of perceived risk to any play space.

You can go one step further and incorporate a zipline-inspired play event, or track ride. You can find a track ride event that lets kids safely cruise through the air, over dips and around curves with no harness needed. Be sure to look for a track ride that works in both directions so the fun keeps going.

Q: We'd like to provide a thrilling play experience to kids at our playground, but are concerned about safety. What should we know?

A: Reducing injury and keeping kids safe on the playground is important. First and foremost, you should work with a play equipment manufacturer that is experienced in providing thrilling play equipment that complies with all safety requirements. Play equipment should be designed, manufactured and installed to meet or exceed safety performance specifications established by organizations and regulatory bodies such as AS™ International, CPSC and others.

In addition, be sure to provide adequate safety surfacing for the equipment you are installing. Talk to your manufacturer about the best options.



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