Develop a Beautiful Site

Developing a beautiful outdoor site requires careful attention to detail. Site furnishings can be found in myriad materials and styles that will suit just about any environment. To create a natural and inviting park, look for wood furnishings designed for commercial use.

Q: We are considering adding wood furnishings to our site. What should we look for?

A: Wood is a common material used in park and site furnishings. It has a warm, soft look and feel that can't be found in steel or plastic. When you choose high-quality wood furnishings and follow required maintenance practices, you'll find that wood ages beautifully and lasts a long time.

Be sure to look for the highest-grade woods. Durable and dense Ipe is a great choice for long-lasting furnishings that won't require regular application of preservative or paint.

Wood furnishings are available in a wide variety of off-the-shelf designs. If you're looking for something uniquely suited to your site, such as a bench that curves along the contours of a garden or encircles a tree, ask your manufacturer about the ability to customize furnishings for your needs.

Q: What should we know about maintaining wood furnishings so they will last?

A: Wood is a natural product and will weather when it's placed outdoors. The rich brown color of Ipe will patina gray over time if not treated annually. But unlike many other wood species, Ipe left gray and untreated will last a long time outside. The original brown color can be preserved through maintenance, and weathered Ipe can be brought back to its original appearance relatively easily. Remember that if you're going to allow your furnishings to fade to natural gray, you should select metal components that will look nice next to the light gray wood.

You should inspect your furnishings at least once or twice a year. Tighten loose hardware and replace missing parts. Check for wear and tear and remove damaged furnishings until they've been repaired.



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