Provide Three-Dimensional Play

Playgrounds are a great way to get kids of all ages active and moving, but for many, the typical play structure can get boring, with one path to follow. Providing play equipment that gives kids more choices is a smart way to get them moving and keep them coming back for more.

Q: We'd like to provide a unique play experience for kids. What should we look for?

A: To provide a unique play structure, look outside of the typical post-and-platform playgrounds that are so common today. Why not consider a three-dimensional net structure? A three-dimensional net structure provides free play while challenging children's motor skills, developing muscle, boosting balancing skills, increasing self-confidence and stimulating imaginative play.

Three-dimensional rope structures come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can be very tall or close to the ground, or a combination of both. With no prescribed entry or exit points, and no specific paths to be followed, it's up to the child to decide how to play, leading to infinite choices.

Q: We'd like to provide play equipment that gets entire families together for free and unguided play. What should we consider?

A: Look for larger rope equipment, which will not only inspire kids to get active, but also will get grownups onto the playground. Large skyscrapers are a great way to get kids and adults to engage in fitness through climbing, or even a little competition with the kids.

Q: What should we know about safety?

A: Accident statistics show that rope play equipment is among the safest play equipment, when properly designed and manufactured. If a child falls while climbing, the geometry of the net limits the distance of the fall. Because of the way these structures are designed, the size of the openings inside the net helps break the fall. In addition, children who are able to can grab onto a rope to help slow or stop their fall. As with all play equipment, you should be sure to provide adequate safety surfacing.