Install Site Amenities

Beautiful landscapes can draw people out, for walking, viewing and gathering. But when you really want to create a place for your community to come together, adding site amenities can have a tremendous positive impact, turning a simple landscape into a new social hot spot, providing even more reasons to visit.

Q: We'd like to make our park more inviting. Will adding site amenities help?

A: When you add site amenities, you increase the comfort of your visitors, encouraging them to stay longer and return more often. Picnic areas will encourage people to gather, while benches can provide a way to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer. Receptacles for recycling and waste encourage proper litter disposal.

Before you begin furnishing your site, think about the setting and usage. You'll want to select furnishings that fit in to create an aesthetically pleasing space. Choose materials, colors and styles that enhance the use and look of your site. There is a wide variety of design, material and finish options.

Q: What types of amenities should we consider?

A: This depends on how you would like people to use your site. Benches along trails and near playgrounds will give visitors a place to rest and take in the scenery, as well as a destination for people to meet up. Picnic tables can be placed in a variety of locations for various uses, be they large celebrations or to enjoy a picnic at a scenic overlook. Be sure to include waste receptacles near picnic areas, as well as close to entrances to make it easier for people to clean up. Park grills will encourage people to take a mini vacation from their kitchens to enjoy cooking and eating in a natural setting. Adding a shade shelter can even provide a revenue stream when you provide rentals.

Q: Our park already has benches, picnic tables and waste receptacles. Are there other amenities we should add?

A: Refurnishing or upgrading your park can spur reinvigoration of visitors, bolster community pride, add to property value and encourage economic growth. But that's not the only reason to take a fresh look at your site furnishings.

Park benches, picnic tables and waste receptacles are not the only amenities that will boost your park's comfort. You might also think about adding bleachers near sports fields, so spectators can enjoy a good view of the game. Planters can be placed near entrances for visual appeal.

In your picnic areas, you might consider adding charcoal grills, a great amenity for family gatherings and parties in the park. Fire rings also are a great way to encourage people to get together.

At your entrance, consider adding signs and kiosks to keep people in the know about events in your park or community. Bike racks and water fountains are also good additions near entrances and along trails.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Don't forget about the importance of regular maintenance. If you don't have the time or budget for regular repainting of picnic tables and benches, look for materials that are more hard-wearing, like recycled plastic or steel. Be sure to talk to your manufacturer about what maintenance is required for your site amenities to keep your park looking beautiful and welcoming to visitors.



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