Find Restroom & Building Solutions

Restroom structures are a popular addition at park sites, but there are other types of buildings, from concessions to shower buildings and even storage buildings, that you can add to your site to spruce things up, or even just to simplify storage and maintenance. Combining multiple purposes into a single building is a smart way to get maximum functionality from your investment in park restrooms.

Q: We need extra room for storage at our site, and are considering adding a restroom structure. Is there a way to get a restroom installed quickly and easily that also serves our storage needs?

A: Look for a manufacturer that provides prefabricated custom structures that can combine multiple purposes into a single building. In addition to clean, safe restrooms, you can include storage space, or even a concession stand or shower building.

For example, in a double restroom, the breezeway between the two restrooms could be expanded to eliminate the need for separate storage. That way, you can keep sports equipment handy, or even just simplify storage of toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies so your staff doesn't have to haul anything along when it's time to service the restroom.

Or, if your site is home to a sprayground or waterfront, you might consider combining a restroom building and shower building in a single structure. You could even add a concession stand to help drive revenues to support further development of your park.

Q: We want to simplify our site with a single restroom building that also includes storage space, but we're also concerned about sustainability. What should we look for?

A: Look for a manufacturer with experience designing structures that meet green building practices. This will include not only sustainable design, but also sustainable materials, as well as recycled and recyclable products. Inside the building, amenities and finishes should be durable and long-lasting. Walls should be seamless and vandal-resistant, making them easy to clean.



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