Create Pet-Friendly Places

Dog parks have become increasingly common amenities in cities and towns across the country. On top of that, there are millions of dog owners across the country, and many of them visit parks and trails with their pets. Whether in the dog park or along the trail, you can provide amenities that make places more pet- and people-friendly.

Q: We are developing a dog park, and are not sure what kinds of amenities to provide. What should we consider?

A: You'll want to ensure your site is both pet- and people-friendly. Consider agility equipment and other dog park products to boost the fun for pooches. Look for sturdy, durable products made from pet-safe materials and designed for dogs of all sizes and levels of agility.

Dog owners will also enjoy the comfort of benches, leash posts and trash receptacles. Consider looking for dog-themed furnishings to give your dog park a unified aesthetic.

Q: We do not have a dog park, but we do see lots of dog owners visiting our parks and trails. Unfortunately, some of them don't clean up after their pets. What should we do?

A: Dog waste is smelly and unsightly, and it also can pose a safety hazard. Dog droppings sometimes contain dangerous bacteria and viruses, posing a health hazard for people and pets who play at your site, and potentially getting into the groundwater. Make pet owners aware of these issues, and post the rules in a visible place, making sure to let dog owners know their pets should be leashed, and that they should clean up after themselves.

Help them get the message by placing pet waste stations in convenient locations. These stations make it easy for pet owners to clean up and keep your park free of waste. Signage provides a visual cue, so dog owners will be aware of their responsibility to help keep the park clean.