Provide Event Seating

Making sure everyone who attends your events and games can get a good view is easy when you have bleachers. But what if your events occur in a variety of locations? When you want a great seating option that can move from place to place, transportable bleachers are the best choice. Movable bleachers provide everyone with a comfortable seat, even at locations that already feature permanent seating solutions. What's more, you can earn back your investment in transportable bleachers through the additional revenues you earn from increased attendance, or even by renting your bleacher units to other community organizations.

Q: Our main location features permanent seating, but we've found that many events exceed our seating capacity. How can we expand seating quickly and easily?

A: Portable bleachers are a smart option for providing additional seating at your venue. Towable units can easily be moved from one location to another, providing comfortable seating at any venue where you host events.

Expanding your capacity with portable bleachers alongside your permanent seating will provide more places for fans and spectators to sit, so you won't have to invest in replacing or expanding your existing seating.

Q: We're concerned that we won't have enough staff on hand to set up bleachers. How can we handle staffing needs?

A: One of the best features of towable, folding bleachers is that they are easy to set up. Simply place the bleacher unit where you want it, run the leveling jacks down and push a button. Just one person can have your bleachers ready for an event in less than 10 minutes.

After the event, storage is simple. Bleachers made of weather-resistant aluminum and hot dip galvanized steel can simply be parked outside until you need them again.

Q: We host outdoor events like baseball games and parades, but sometimes we also need indoor seating. Is there a seating solution that will allow us to expand seating indoors?

A: Look for smaller, highway-towable folding bleachers. These smaller bleachers can fit through many overhead entrance doors, and are easily moved from place to place using a pickup or SUV. Smaller units can seat up to 108 people, which makes them a great fit for indoor events. If your facility features taller overhead doors, you might even be able to work with larger bleacher units that seat as many as 300 people.

Q: How can we use our portable bleachers to help grow revenues?

A: Talk with other organizations that host events in your community, such as schools and clubs. They might partner with you to purchase the bleachers, and then you can share the units for your various events. Another option is to rent the units when they're not needed to other organizations in your community. This will earn revenue that can continue to grow your bottom line even after your bleachers have been paid for.

Finally, consider advertising opportunities. Local business will be happy to place banner advertising on the bleacher guardrails during events. It gives them a visible way to reach potential customers while helping meet your revenue needs.



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