Find Site-Specific Shelter Solutions

A beautifully designed park is an automatic draw to individuals and families looking for a place to gather or contemplate the natural surroundings. When you coordinate your park with shelters, gazebos and other structures, you can heighten the beauty of the surroundings and create a centerpiece for your community.

Q: We would like our park to have a beautiful and unified look. What sorts of shelters and structures should we consider?

A: Begin by thinking about your park and its surroundings. The choices you make when it comes to structures, shelters, furnishings and other park amenities should fit in with the context of your park. If your park is located in a desert landscape, for example, you might select different amenities than you would for a wooded glen or a city square.

The good news is that, no matter what the features of your site are, you likely can find premanufactured shelters, gazebos, pavilions, kiosks, message centers, shade structures, arbors and more that will fit in perfectly. Talk to your manufacturer about what you're looking for. Be sure to discuss the ways the climate of your area, such as heavy snow loads in the mountains or salt air near the ocean, will affect the amenities you choose.

Q: We love the look of the premanufactured shelters available on the market, but would like our site to have a more unique look. What should we look for?

A: Many standard shelters can easily be customized to suit your site. Talk to your manufacturer about the various options. Custom-designed ornamentation could highlight local history or geology. Or you can add stonework or masonry to columns, ornamental railings, or even a cupola or clock tower. You might also consider adding lights or even a ceiling fan to keep things cool.

Solar packages are also available, enabling you to bring power to your shelters without having to do extensive sitework.



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