Find the Right Tables for the Right Spots

Well-designed parks offer a range of amenities, from playgrounds to picnic areas, sports fields and more. Because of this, traditional picnic tables might not always be the ideal solution. Instead, try finding a range of picnic table styles to meet the various needs of different areas in your parks.

Q: We want to furnish a park with picnic tables, but are looking for a variety of options that will fit in overall while meeting the needs of specific areas, like a food court and a large shelter. What should we consider?

A: You can find a variety of picnic table styles that will meet the specific needs of the different areas in your park. Food court tables provide a clear area underneath, simplifying cleanup. Portable tables that can be rearranged can be added at large shelters and picnic areas. Stationary pedestal tables are ideal in remote areas, where you don't want people to move (or remove) them. Game top tables can be provided to encourage patrons to get together and pass some time. And for a picnic area near a playground, you could consider installing a picnic table scaled for kids.

Q: What should we know about accessibility?

A: Look for accessible tables to install in ADA-compliant areas. There is no such thing as ADA-approved or ADA-certified tables, so you should talk to your manufacturer about the steps they've taken to ensure compliance. ADA Guidelines assert that wheelchair spaces must provide a specific amount of space for knees and toe clearance.

One thing to remember when installing accessible picnic tables is to be sure your site provides easy access. A parking lot nearby, as well as accessible walkways and paths are essential to ensure people of all abilities can get to the site.



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