Renovate Your Pool

If your swimming pool is showing signs of wear and tear, now is the time to look at renovating the pool and its surroundings. The right renovation will fix persistent problems and modernize your pool to attract new members and get existing members back in the pool.

Q: Budgets are tight, but our pool is in need of an upgrade. What should we consider?

A: Tight budgets are a common problem for aquatic facilities looking at upgrades, especially when older pools have leaking, spalled or deteriorated surfaces. Whether your pool is constructed of concrete, fiberglass, steel or aluminum, you can rely on a textured PVC pool shell to contain water, seal structural cracks and solve problems such as leaks.

The PVC membrane spans cracks, has an aesthetically pleasing look and offers the added benefit of providing a softer surface and more secure footing for users, especially those doing water aerobics classes.

Using a PVC pool shell in renovation is less expensive than conventional renovation, so you'll be able to reallocate your available budget toward other options like waterslides and water play elements.

Q: Our pool deck also needs some repairs. What should we look for?

A: In addition to fixing your pool's surface, you can improve your pool deck using PVC recreational flooring to enhance the look and feel of your facility with a beautiful and highly slip-resistant finishing touch. Installing a new PVC or stainless steel pool gutter system provides an immediate facelift to the pool, while eliminating pressure pipe leaks. There are grating options that fit any trench width and come in a variety of styles, including PVC, stainless, fiberglass and even new granite options that make pools look stunning.

To improve safety, you might also consider safety padding designed specifically to prevent accidents, not only from slides and diving boards, but also from attractions such as climbing walls, rope bridges and other features.