Create an Entertainment Venue

Many recreation organizations provide a place for community members to gather for customized events, weddings and other gatherings. But not everyone can afford to construct a new facility for this purpose. Luckily, there are options for those with tight budgets and timelines.

Q: We'd like to create an enclosed entertainment venue where we can host events, but we're concerned about how much time and money it takes to construct a new building. What should we consider?

A: Designing and constructing a new facility takes a lot of time and effort, but it's not your only option. When you want to erect a facility to house your events quickly and cost-effectively, you should consider tension fabric structures. These structures can be built quickly, and cost much less than conventional construction.

Tension fabric structures create an ideal environment for events and entertainment, with airy, spacious interiors without internal columns that might get in the way. What's more, sound-absorbing covers and walls reduce noise inside the structure, creating a pleasant indoor environment where everyone can hear and be heard.

Q: What should we know about energy usage and maintaining a comfortable environment?

A: Tensioned fabric structures typically feature a white cover, so you won't need as much artificial lighting as in other types of buildings. That means you'll use less energy. When the days are bright, the natural lighting provided will be perfect for sports activities.

A tensioned fabric structure's cover is also translucent and reflective, which helps keep indoor temperatures stable, providing even more energy savings. In addition, ventilation options include doors, roll-up sides and wall vents, which also can help reduce energy use by helping you regulate the temperature of your facility.



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