Provide a Pleasing Locker Room

The locker room isn't necessarily the first amenity potential patrons notice, but it's an essential part of your patrons' experience. Creating a pleasing space where patrons will both begin and end their visit is an excellent way to ensure an overall great experience. Providing the right amenities and ensuring that locker rooms are clean, dry and safe will make a big difference.

Q: How can we upgrade our locker room?

A: Little changes can make a big difference in the locker room. Smaller items can be very simple to incorporate and will not involve the big expense of a renovation. Installing hair dryers and providing toiletries are a couple of small improvements that can immediately make things feel a bit more upscale.

If your facility includes aquatics, you should consider providing a way for swimmers to dry their wet suits. Swimsuit water extractors will remove as much as 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in just 10 seconds, making this a perfect amenity for locker rooms in facilities with pools.

Q: Locker rooms can be hard to keep clean. How can we be sure our locker rooms stay tidy all day?

A: Begin by educating your staff on the regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Someone should be assigned to regularly visit the locker room to check on toiletries, cleanliness and potential problems. Regular staff visits can also help to prevent theft and vandalism.

A checklist near the locker room entrance is a great place for employees to make a note of when they've checked the locker room. During these checks, toilet paper should be restocked, garbage should be emptied and any other puddles or messes should be cleaned up.

A swimsuit water extractor can also help to keep your locker rooms clean and dry because with it, patrons will not leave wet suits on benches or in lockers, where they can create slip hazards and potentially other moisture related damage.



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