Transform Your Nightmare Pool to a Dream

When your aquatic facility begins to show signs of wear and tear, it's important to address issues right away. The good news is that even when your pool begins to look like a nightmare, you don't have to break the bank to turn it back into a dream pool. The right renovation can turn things around, modernizing your pool and helping it compete with more modern facilities.

Q: We're hoping to renovate our aging aquatic facility, but budgets are tight and we're looking for cost-effective solutions. What should we consider?

A: Look for a turnkey, design/build solution if you want to renovate your facility without overextending your budget. Find a company that can provide comprehensive assistance at every stage of the renovation process, from design, through manufacturing and all the way to installation. Working with a design/build partner can provide dramatic savings over the conventional construction process.

Q: Our swimming pool is showing signs of age, with cracks, pipe leaks and a rough surface. We don't have the budget for a brand-new pool. What can we do to get another 20 years out of our facility?

A: If your pool is leaking or its surface is cracked, you can make it "like new" fairly inexpensively. Whether your pool was originally constructed from concrete, steel, fiberglass or aluminum, a textured 60 mil PVC pool shell can be installed to solve your surface problems. The PVC membrane will span cracks, and is less expensive than a conventional renovation. A new stainless or PVC pool gutter can provide a whole new look while fixing pipe leaks permanently.

While you're fixing your pool's surface and supply piping, you also should consider making improvements to your pool deck. PVC recreational flooring can be installed to provide improved slip resistance around your pool area. In addition, PVC safety padding can be added around pool features, further boosting safety.