Improve Equipment Cleanup in Your Fitness Facility

Keeping your fitness facility clean, especially your fitness equipment, might not be the first thing you think about when considering ways to attract and retain members, but cleanliness is a key driver of the way your gym is perceived. Equipment cleanliness isn't something you should worry about once in a while, but should be part of your staff's ongoing daily cleaning regimen. What's more, it takes a team to keep things clean—and that means encouraging members to clean and sanitize their just-used machines immediately after using them.

Q: We notice that club members often fail to clean up after themselves after using a machine. How can we encourage them to help keep things clean and sanitary?

A: The key to getting members to clean up after themselves is to make it simple and convenient. Position equipment cleaning supplies to be readily available—within arm's reach of every piece of equipment. Unfortunately, in many gyms, equipment cleaning supplies aren't always conveniently located, and that makes it easier for members to skip cleaning up when they're finished using a machine. When members don't clean up, equipment surfaces can become a breeding ground for germs and viruses, not to mention unpleasant odors.

To encourage members to clean up after themselves, attach holders for sanitizing spray bottles and reusable towels directly to the equipment, and members will have the supplies right at hand. This convenience will better ensure they will clean up as soon as they finish working out on the equipment.

Q: We are concerned about expensive disposable waste, and want to make sure we're providing the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solution possible. What should we know?

A: Combinations of spray bottles and paper towels as well as containers of disposable pre-moistened wipes are popular options, but they are very costly and create a great deal of waste. Providing sanitizing spray bottles and reusable towels generates far less waste, and permits members to clean and sanitize at a much lower cost than other options.


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