Conserve Energy & Pool Resources

Aquatic facilities, and the equipment that keeps them running safely and effectively, require a lot of energy and resources. With a need to keep a constant eye on the bottom line, facility operators are always looking for new ways to reduce their costs by conserving resources. To meet this need, manufacturers continually innovate to create new ways for aquatic facilities to streamline their operations, save energy and reduce their operating costs. By making simple upgrades, you can have a tremendous impact on your facility's resource consumption, saving money and resources.

Q: We are interested in finding new ways to conserve energy at our aquatic facility in order to reduce operating costs. What are some simple steps we could take?

A: One of the simplest steps you can take is to replace your pool's incandescent bulbs with LEDs. This will reduce energy consumption by as much as 80 percent, and LEDs last up to 20 times longer than their incandescent counterparts. Those energy savings, combined with the drastic reduction in maintenance requirements, will lead to a quick return on your investment. Moreover, LEDs provide a more aesthetically pleasing look, as they are twice as bright as incandescent bulbs.

Another simple option is to use a pool cover on your outdoor pool. Pool covers help retain heat, reducing the cost of heating your pool. In addition, they reduce evaporation, helping you save water. When you keep the water in the pool, you will need less energy to heat the water, and fewer chemicals to treat it, allowing you to save energy, chlorine and money. Pool covers can also be used on indoor pools to reduce energy consumption, but the savings will be less than when they are used on an outdoor pool.

Q: We'd like to find additional ways to save energy and resources. What should we know?

A: Talk to your manufacturer about the wide variety of tools you can deploy to help save energy. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) and energy control automation are two tools that can help your pool run more efficiently. VFDs run your pool's pump at various speeds, depending on the need, allowing you to optimize energy efficiency. Additional technologies are also available to help pool operators plan facility and system scheduling that will reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

If you're looking to save water, talk to your distributor about further solutions available to help reduce the frequency of cleaning your pool's filters.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Talk with your distributor and investigate rebates and incentives in your area. Government agencies and local utility companies in many areas may offer a way to help you invest in new equipment with no out-of-pocket expense. While it can be a complex process to apply for these offers, your distributor will have experience and knowledge of how the process works, and can help guide you.



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