Simplify Locker Management

Facilities with locker rooms can present challenges for management. It's important to ensure the space is kept neat and clean, and that patrons feel safe and comfortable using the space. In addition, managing your lockers-and the locks themselves-can present management headaches, when users forget their combinations or when other problems arise. Luckily, lock solutions are available to help ease the process for both staff and users.

Q: Our facility has a busy locker room, and we'd like to provide better locks for our visitors. What should we consider?

A: Electronic locker locks are a great solution for fitness and recreation facilities. Look for locks designed to make things simpler for your staff and visitors alike.

Electronic locker locks also make things easier for visitors to your facility, as they simply need to remember their code, and won't have to worry about easily lost keys.

Q: We'd love to add electronic locker locks, but we're concerned about creating additional maintenance and management problems. How can we simplify locker management in our facility?

A: You can find electronic locker locks with a battery life of 10 years, which means staff won't have to change the battery on an annual basis.

Look for electronic locker locks that feature programming that can be controlled via a master password. Master keys are expensive and easy to lose, and sometimes even become defective. A master password will also make it simple for staff to deal with problems, such as when combinations are forgotten.

Also, look for electronic locker locks that feature a compact design. This will provide a more attractive and streamlined look for your lockers. In addition, a compact design protects your lockers from vandalism and other damage, providing guests with a greater sense of security.

Q: We're looking for locks that require less hassle. What should we consider?

A: Look for locks that can operate in one-time-use mode. This mode is great for day-use lockers, such as in a fitness or recreation center. With this type of lock, each person who enters your locker room can walk up to an unused locker, enter their own code, and then use that same code to open the locker again when they're done using your facility.

These days, many visitors prefer to stash their stuff, work out and head home, making cubby-style lockers outside of the locker room a popular feature. Electronic locker locks that feature a one-time-use mode will be perfect for these users, so they can get in, work out, and get out again quickly.

Be sure a manager key override is available, just in case someone forgets their code, or you need to override a combination and set the lock to a new combination.



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