Add Space for Sports & Recreation

If you've got a successful summer sports and recreation program, you might be tempted to find ways to expand your season. But making space for sports and recreation programming to take place year round can be challenging. Between the costs of constructing a new facility and maintaining and operating it all year once it's built, many organizations are hard pressed to find a good solution. But careful research can help you add space for sports and recreation without breaking the bank.

Q: We are looking for a simple, fast and cost-effective building solution so we can expand our sports and recreation programs. What should we consider?

A: A pre-engineered steel building system can be built at a much lower cost than most alternatives. When you go with a pre-engineered steel system, you can save as much as 30 percent of the construction cost, and still provide a facility that is aesthetically pleasing.

Even better, you'll save time when you rely on this type of structure. Because of the standardization associated with pre-engineered steel buildings, along with computer-assisted design, you'll be able to save as much as third of the time needed to construct a facility using other methods.

Q: We want to ensure our recreation and sports facility operates as efficiently as possible, so we don't break the bank on year-round costs. Are there more energy-efficient building solutions available to help save resources?

A: Look for steel building systems with insulated roof and wall panels to decrease your HVAC costs. Also, be sure to look for cool roof colors, which will help keep your facility cooler naturally.

There are other ways to improve energy efficiency and save costs at your facility as well. Translucent wall panels and skylights can help bring in natural light, lowering the cost of lighting your facility. In addition, natural light is more pleasing to visitors, ensuring your guests will come back again and again.



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