Simplify Purchasing for Your Facility

Making purchases for your facility can be a complex process, but it doesn't have to be. There are services that can help agencies make purchases more efficiently, saving time and money.

Q: How can we streamline the purchasing process for our facility?

A: Consider joining a purchasing cooperative to make your agency more efficient. Purchasing cooperatives leverage public-sector demand for essential products to deliver better, more competitive prices while reducing the overall cost of acquisition.

When you become a member of a purchasing cooperative, you can achieve product savings by taking advantage of more efficient and effective purchasing methodologies. The cooperative works to identify commonly needed commodities and services, and advocates for fair terms and conditions, minimizing work on your end, and reducing costs by better scaling procurement procedures. As a result, you can make purchases immediately from trusted suppliers without having to go to bid yourself.

Many purchasing opportunities are available, from supplies and furnishings for your facilities to technology, sports equipment and more.

Q: How do I get involved with a purchasing cooperative?

A: Free memberships are available to school districts, colleges, universities, cities, counties, special districts and nonprofits. The cost of operations is covered by vendors who pay a transaction fee when they get orders from members. This fee has minimal impact on the prices you pay for products and services, due to economies of scale.

To get started, you simply sign yourself up, wait for the cooperative to vet your agency to be sure your application is legitimate, and then you and others from your agency will be able to use the cooperative to make purchases for your facility.



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