Get Your Message Out

Parks can be a great venue for spreading the word and promoting events and programs in your community. Many tools are available to help you get the message out.

Q: We get a lot of requests from local schools and other community organizations looking to recognize special achievements and promote events and programs. What's a good way to accommodate these requests economically?

A: Sign benches can incorporate a changeable custom sign in the backrest, giving you the opportunity to get a message out. Benches are an important site element around parks, playgrounds, trails, recreation facilities and local schools. When you incorporate a custom sign as the backrest to a bench, you can promote your agency's programs, as well as other local events and messages. Local organizations will be able to provide signage to recognize achievements or as a memorial.

You simply work with the bench manufacturer or your local sign company to provide custom signage using ¼-inch thick polycarbonate core graphic material.

Looking to earn additional revenues for your organization? You can sell the sign space on the back of the bench to local businesses, too.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: If the message on your sign benches is seasonal, you can easily remove the sign, store it and use it again later. Simply open the hinged top cap and slide the sign out to be stored for the next time you need it. Sign benches give you the chance to change up messaging throughout the year to accommodate your needs, as well as the desires of local schools and other organizations in your community.

Look for a sign frame that is lockable to secure the sign in place. You can find portable or stationary benches in various lengths to meet your needs.



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