Enclose Your Pool

Swimming is a favorite activity for families and individuals alike, but when the weather doesn't cooperate, or the season ends, outdoor pools are not an option. Adding a pool enclosure is a great way to make sure your visitors can have fun swimming all year long.

Q: We'd like to expand our swimming season, and are looking for a simple solution. What should we consider?

A: Consider having the ability to convert your large pool from indoor to outdoor within minutes, with the right enclosure. Look for pool enclosures that are designed to easily slide and telescope along their tracks, giving you extended use of your outdoor pool no matter the weather conditions. A retractable dome in the open position can be used as a cabana, shaded patio area or a "security blanket" for you and your guests during scheduled outdoor parties in the event of a sudden weather change.

Q: We'd love to take our aquatics programs year-round, but are concerned about the cost of utilities. What should we know?

A: Pool enclosures can provide comfort, safety and privacy, along with significant cost savings throughout the year. Enclosures reduce chemical use and pool equipment maintenance expenses, as well as eliminating seasonal opening and closing costs. In much of the country, an enclosure can provide year-round swimming without the need to add any additional heat source. When the sun is shining on an enclosure in the closed position, the heat gain generated from the solar transmission effect is greater than the heat loss. The pool water and air temperature are heated by the sun, providing additional savings on utilities. Where average winter temperatures plummet below freezing, an additional heat source can bring the temperature to a more comfortable level. Talk to your manufacturer about ways to keep the climate inside your enclosure perfect for swimmers year-round. Adding a pool enclosure to your facility will increase satisfaction of existing users and bring in new club memberships.