Take Sports Programs Year-Round

Many communities offer exciting and fun opportunities to get involved in sports programming. But if you live in a less forgiving climates, outdoor sports like soccer and football must give way for bad weather. The good news is, you can find solutions that will take your sports programs and training year-round.

Q: We'd like to add a fieldhouse or facility to house sports programming no matter the weather, but we're worried about the resources and time needed for a new building. What should we consider?

A: You don't have to lose time and resources to the drawn-out process of designing and constructing a brand-new facility. A tension fabric structure can be built quickly at a much lower cost than conventional construction.

Tension fabric structures are airy and spacious, and provide plenty of space without requiring any internal columns, which could get in the way of play. Sound-absorbing covers and walls will reduce noise inside the structure, creating a quieter and pleasant indoor environment for your sports programs.

Q: We're concerned about energy consumption for an enclosed, year-round facility. How can we conserve energy to reduce our costs?

A: Tensioned fabric structures featuring a white cover won't require as much artificial lighting as a traditional building. That means you'll use less energy. If it's sunny outside, the natural lighting provided will be ideal for sports activities.

Q: What about the temperature inside the facility? Will it get too hot in the summer?

A: Tensioned fabric structures feature translucent, reflective covers, keeping indoor temperatures stable and providing even more energy savings. Ask your manufacturer about ventilation options for your structure, including doors, roll-up sides and wall vents. These can help you regulate the temperature inside, helping to reduce energy use.



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