Create Beautiful Gathering Places

Your community's parks and open spaces can be the perfect spot for gatherings. Whether visitors are hosting a family reunion or just getting together for a picnic, the park is the place to go. When you take care to design picnic and gathering spaces in your park, you'll provide the comfort and aesthetics that will keep visitors coming back again and again.

Q: We want to ensure our park is comfortable and attractive. What should we consider?

A: Furnishing your site wisely is the first step toward creating a comfortable and attractive park. Consider not only how you expect people to use the space, but also the kind of aesthetic you'd like to provide. Picnic tables, garbage and recycling receptacles, benches and more can be found in a variety of designs, colors and materials that will allow you to create the look you want, from rustic to sophisticated.

You might want to include tables and chairs that are anchored into the ground, or moveable chairs and tables that will allow visitors to configure the space to meet their needs.

Be sure receptacles are located nearby and are clearly marked so visitors will know where to put trash and recyclables. They should be located close enough to your tables to encourage people to clean up, but not so close that flies and pests will become a nuisance.

Q: What else should we Know?

A: Remember to take your visitors' comfort into account. Shade is an important element the hot summer months, and shelter will be welcome year-round. Group your furnishings in tree-shaded areas, or use shade or shelter elements to create spots for gatherings. You may even be able to rent out shelters and picnic spots during peak times and for larger gatherings.

People will be more comfortable if you provide both larger and smaller groupings of furnishings. Moveable furnishings are also a good choice so that visitors can create a beautiful setting of just the right size.



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