Add a Unique Focal Point to Your Park

Many parks have shelters, gazebos or other structures, but when you really want to make a visual impact, you can use these structures to create an aesthetically pleasing focal point. Plenty of standard options are available, but you also can work with a manufacturer to create something truly unique.

Q: We're creating a new park, and we'd like to incorporate unique shelters that pay tribute to the surrounding community. What should we consider?

A: While you can find plenty of options for shelters, pavilions and gazebos straight from the manufacturer's catalog, there are also myriad ways to customize a solution to meet the specific needs of your setting. Talk to your manufacturer about working together to create a truly unique shelter that will express your community's history, geography or culture.

Even if you don't have the budget to fully customize a shelter or pavilion for your park, you can still get a unique look. Look for designs that feature colors and materials that work well in your setting. Premanufactured shelters will make installation simple, and there is a tremendous variety of options available straight from the catalog to suit your site's needs. You can even find shelters with a custom look, designed in Craftsman style and featuring stunning architectural details that will really make an impression.

Q: Our park features beautiful views, and we'd like to encourage visitors to relax and enjoy their surroundings. What should we look for?

A: Sites that offer captivating vistas are perfect for two-story shelters. This highly unique option is sure to please guests looking to get an overview of your beautiful site. Two-story shelters can be built into a sloped berm with a catwalk to provide accessibility, or they can be built as stand-alone shelters with stairs leading to the second level.



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