Promote Interactivity on the Sprayground

Spraygrounds have seen rapid growth across the United States, and as manufacturers learn more about the way people play in the water, they are adding more possibilities to these popular features. New sprayground elements that aim to promote interactivity and multigenerational play are a smart addition.

Q: What are some ways to encourage multigenerational play at the sprayground?

A: People of all ages enjoy having fun and cooling off in the fun sprays and mists of a water playground. With the right combination of sprayground options, you'll be able to create a park that will appeal to everyone.

To appeal to an older age group, look for spray elements that are designed with a more architectural aesthetic in mind. Combining water and light is another way to increase your appeal.

Themes appeal to young kids. The right mix of elements will provide a little something for everyone. You can easily find spray elements that will help you design your park around a theme, from farm animals to ocean critters and more.

Q: What are some ways to encourage interactivity?

A: Look for spray elements that will keep people of all ages entertained for longer periods of time. For example, while big dumping buckets are a lot of fun, they take time to fill. Often, kids will run away to play on the dry playground while they wait for that bucket to fill again, then all come running back for the splash.

If you want to keep them engaged in your sprayground, you should look for a modular splash play feature that features water buckets and multiple spray effects to reduce wait times. Water spray from uprights will provide water chasing and fun that lasts while the buckets fill. As each bucket dumps, the water hits a ramp that projects the water away from the feature. This creates the appearance of a big splash that can be more appealing for a wider age range of thrill seekers.



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