Coordinate Shelters for Your Site

Well-designed parks are the perfect gathering place for families and individuals looking to get together for some fun or just to relax in a natural setting. When you coordinate your park with shelters, gazebos and other structures, you can create a beautiful community destination.

Q: We want to design a park that has a coordinated look. What sorts of structures and shelters should we consider?

A: Start by considering the context of your park—the environment and its surroundings. You should choose structures, shelters, furnishings and other amenities that fit into this context. If your park is located in a historic downtown square, for example, you'll make different choices than you wood for a natural, wooded area.

No matter what look your site suggests, you should be able to find premanufactured gazebos, pavilions, shelters, kiosks, message centers, shade structures and more to fit perfectly in that context. Talk to your manufacturer about the options, and be sure to explain how the climate, such as salt air near the ocean or heavy snow in the mountains, will affect your choices.

Q: We like the premanufactured shelters we've seen, but would prefer our park to have a more customized look. What should we consider?

A: It can be simple to customize standard shelters to suit your needs. Ask your manufacturer about the options. You could add custom-designed ornamentation to highlight the local culture. Or, you might add masonry or stonework to columns, or even a cupola or clock tower.

For shelters that will be used for larger gatherings or after nightfall, consider adding power and lights, or even a ceiling fan to help guests cool off. Solar packages are available as well, allowing you to add power to shelters without having to extend electrical connections.



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