Provide Seating When & Where It's Needed

When you need to provide seating at various locations and events in your community, transportable bleachers are a wise choice. Movable bleachers can provide spectators with a comfortable seat, and your investment in transportable bleachers can help you build revenues through rentals or even just increased attendance at your events.


Q: Our main location features permanent seating, but sometimes events exceed seating capacity. How can we provide additional seating?

A: Portable bleacher units are a great way to provide additional seating at your venue. Even better, you can find towable units that are easy to move from one location to another, so you can provide comfortable seating for any event, in any venue.

Q: We're looking for seating not only for outdoor events like parades and sporting events, but also for our indoor arena. Is there a seating solution that can be used both indoors and out?

A: Look for smaller, highway-towable folding bleachers. These smaller bleachers can easily fit through many overhead entrance doors and are easy to move from one place to another using a pickup or SUV. Smaller units can seat up to 108 people, which makes them a perfect fit for your indoor events.

If your facility has taller overhead doors, you might even be able to use larger bleacher units that can seat as many as 300 people.

Talk to your manufacturer about your community's needs, including your various locations and seating capacity requirements, as well as accessibility requirements. They'll be able to help you pinpoint the perfect solution for your community.


Q: What should we know about setting up our bleachers?

A: Simple setup is part and parcel of towable, folding bleachers. All you need to set the bleachers up is to place the unit where you want it, run the leveling jacks down and push a button. Just one person can get your bleachers ready for an event in less than 10 minutes.

Q: We'd love to add portable bleachers, but are concerned about the budget. Is there a way we can generate revenue to help pay for our expanded seating options?

A: Talk to other organizations that host events in your community, like schools and clubs, and you'll likely find that you're not the only one looking for ways to expand seating capacity. You may be able to partner with other organizations and purchase the bleachers together.

Another option is to offer your bleachers for rental to outside organizations when they're not needed for your own events. This will generate revenues to cover the cost of your bleachers initially, but you'll also be able to keep earning revenue long after your bleachers have been paid for.

Another consideration is advertising. Talk to local businesses about placing banner advertising on guardrails during events. It provides them a highly visible way to reach potential customers in your community.



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