Create an All-Inclusive Park

Parks provide a centerpiece to many communities, offering an outlet for recreation, sports activities, fitness and more. When designing your park space, you can create a cohesive and inclusive look by working with manufacturers of furnishings, shelters, and more to add amenities that tie the whole area together and provide an outlet for just about anything your visitors want to do.

Q: We're designing a new park, and want to turn it into a beautiful destination. What should we consider?

A: Talk to your community members about what kinds of activities they're looking for in your park, and then try to design various active and passive areas. You might include a picnic area near a playground and outdoor gym, as well as ballfields and a bandshell.

Then, work with your shelter manufacturer to find unique shelters, amphitheaters, and even covers for spectators and players at your ballfield. Shade and shelters help create an aesthetically pleasing, unified site with a cohesive look, while providing comfort, helping to protect users from UV rays, and encouraging people to stay longer. A recent study by Arizona State University determined that shade is an important factor in people's ability to enjoy time outdoors in warmer temperatures.

Q: We want to add a variety of shelters and other amenities to our park, but we want to be sure they fit into the context of our site. How can we be sure our new features will fit?

A: You can find an impressive range of options when searching for amphitheaters, shade structures and other shelters to suit your needs and your site's aesthetic. The options are endless, whether you simply choose structures inspired by designs found in a catalog or modify existing designs by customizing different columns, colors, roof types, laser-cut ornamentation and more.

If your goal is to create a destination park like no other, work with your manufacturer to customize all of your shelters to suit your needs, your local culture or history, or your unique environment.

In addition to your amphitheater and ballfield area, don't forget to coordinate smaller structures, from smaller picnic shelters to trellises, to kiosks providing park information and more.



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