Help Fund Your Dog Park

People love their pets, and the exercise, interaction and socializing they get from a visit to the dog park explains why these amenities are be-coming ever more popular. Since the Trust for Public Land started keeping track in 2009, the number of dog parks in the United States has grown by an impressive 40 percent.

Adding a dog park in your community is relatively simple, but if you want your dog park to shine, you'll take it to the next level by offering something more to dog owners.

Q: We'd like to add a dog park in our community and provide a good range of amenities, but we're worried about the budget. What should we know?

A: Any dog park begins with simple amenities like fencing, seating and waste receptacles, but you can provide more—and increase your revenues at the same time—by providing a way for owners to get their pets cleaned up when playtime is over.

Self-serve pet wash stations are a great option that can be placed virtually anywhere. They make it easy for owners to bathe their dog, while bringing in revenues for your park.

Because they are self-serve, no staffing is required, so your pet wash station can be open any time you choose. The coin-operated system is simple to use, allowing customers to operate the unit from start to finish with no need for assistance. Plus, getting cleaned up at the park means they can save money on groomers.

Q: What should we know about incorporating a pet wash station into our site?

A: Installation is simple. Pet wash stations will arrive fully assembled. All you need is a flat surface and utility hookups, including a drain, electricity and water.

What's more, pet wash stations can easily be customized to fit in with your site. You can choose colors, and can even add logos and other marketing information, further expanding your revenue potential.

Functionality can also be customized, with the ability to add splash guard and door, an instant electric water heater, a credit card swiper, and even a vending machine for treats, shampoos and more.

Q: What should we know about safety and accessibility?

A: Safety is important, so look for pet wash stations designed with safety in mind. A restraining leash keeps dogs in the tub, so they won't jump out and get hurt. Be sure blow dryers blow room temperature air to protect dogs' skin.

Accessibility is also important, so look for pet wash stations that comply with ADA requirements so people of all abilities can bring their pets to the park and take advantage of everything you have to offer.

Q: How much should we charge?

A: You can charge pet owners whatever you think is the best fee for using the pet wash equipment. The average price for a 12-minute, self-service dog wash is $10. When you consider that the national average cost for a dog grooming appointment is $65, you'll be saving pet owners money while still bringing in revenue to support your park and programs.



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