Build a New Pool

There are many ways to build a public swimming pool. The problem, however, is that typical pool construction methods require the use of one or more specialty contractors, which can be difficult to find and costly to work with in smaller communities outside of major metropolitan areas. Teams of specialized laborers, associated equipment, prevailing wages and lodging over extended periods of time add significant costs to the job, making it difficult for small cities to have a high-quality municipal pool that not only satisfies the community's wish list, but also meets all necessary health codes and regulations as well.

Q: We'd like to build a new pool, but are concerned about the difficulties. What should we know?

A: Modular precast concrete is the vanguard of modern pool building. While precast concrete is nothing new, its recent adaptation to pool building offers many benefits already realized by architects, engineers and builders on large-scale infrastructure projects around the world for decades.

Precast concrete is trusted by engineers for its immense strength and durability because it is produced in a controlled environment, which allows for consistent high quality and uniformity. Variables affecting quality typically found with poured-in-place or pneumatically applied concrete such as temperature, humidity, material quality and craftsmanship are eliminated in a precast plant environment.

Q: What else should we know about precast concrete for pool construction?

A: Since precast wall panels can be ordered and manufactured in advance and stored at any of the thousands of precast facilities in North America, they can be readily available when needed at the job site and installed by local general contractors. The shift from using specialized contractors and equipment to the use of a local general contractor with access to a precast pool wall system allows for less time on the job site as well as reduced material and labor costs. This in turn helps small communities stay within budget and enjoy a cost-effective, more durable, long-lasting solution to their swimming pool needs.

When paired with a watertight PVC membrane, modular precast concrete pools are the next generation of swimming pool engineering and construction.



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