On the Move

How do you get people all over the world to exercise and promote the fight against obesity and a sedentary lifestyle? Create a movement, no pun intended.

Technogym's "Let's Move for a Better World" social campaign is currently in its sixth edition. The program leverages the fitness equipment manufacturers' technology and connected equipment to motivate people to join a local fitness club, to move more and more regularly, and to share their results around the world.

The mission of "Let's Move for a Better World" is to spread awareness of the benefits of regular exercise through a fun and exciting group challenge.

From March 11 through March 30, members of fitness clubs and hotels around the world join forces to donate their exercise and promote the wellness lifestyle in their communities through a challenge based on MOVES (Technogym's unit of measurement for movement).

Using connected equipment, participants can measure their training efforts and donate their MOVES. Upon reaching predefined movement goals, each club can win a product to donate to any nonprofit association of its choice that operates to fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles. The more active gym members are, the bigger the donation.

In addition to providing a connection to a great social cause, "Let's Move for a Better World" is an efficient tool to increase business. By providing evidence of the impact of physical inactivity, operators are able to engage and motivate existing members, while attracting new members to become wellness hubs within their community, and inspiring and encouraging people to embrace a more active lifestyle.

Since its launch in 2014, the campaign has grown substantially, attracting more facilities and participants each year. In 2019, Technogym hopes to best its performance in 2018, when 180,000 participants in 29 countries completed more than 628 million MOVEs in 1,033 clubs, burning 263 million calories and losing 83,000 poounds.

Learn more about the program at technogym.com/letsmove.