Find Effective Restroom Solutions

If you want people to visit your park and enjoy all the amenities you have to offer, it's important not to overlook the necessity for clean, aesthetically pleasing restrooms. Whether your site is a rural trailhead, a high-traffic suburban park with ballfields or an urban setting with a formal look, you'll have no problem finding an ideal solution when you go with premanufactured concrete restroom structures.

Q: We are looking for a restroom structure that can be installed quickly. What should we consider?

A: First of all, it's important to remember that the more complex you get, the longer it will take and the more it will cost. That's what makes premanufactured restrooms such a great solution. You won't need to hire a designer or wait for a construction team. Your restroom is simply shipped to your site, ready for installation and use.

Minimal sitework is needed. For a flush facility, you simply need utility stubs on a gravel pad. Most flush facilities can be installed and ready for use in a day.

Q: We are looking for a restroom that will fit in well with our site. What should we consider?

A: While many premanufactured restroom structures are utilitarian, some manufacturers go above and beyond to provide a wide variety of design options, including myriad textures, materials and colors that you can choose from to help create a restroom that fits in perfectly.

Customization options, when it comes to colors and textures, will help your restroom blend into your site. Varying roof pitches are available, as well as wall finishes designed to look like brick, stone, wood, stucco or a barn. When you mix and match the various customization options, you can find a perfect fit.

Whether your site includes utility hookups or not is also an important consideration. There are plenty of options available for sites with and without utilities. Just be sure to talk to your manufacturer about your specific needs to find the right fit for your site. If your site includes access to electric and plumbing, you'll be able to provide a solution with lights and running water. A vault restroom is a good option for sites that are more remote.

Q: Should we be concerned about the impact of harsh weather like snowstorms or tornadoes?

A: Look for a premanufactured restroom structure that features high-strength precast concrete roofs and walls that meet local building codes. Steel door frames and window frames cast into the concrete walls will ensure vandalism or even heavy winds won't damage bolts and fasteners.

The concrete panels of your building should be welded together to ensure the structure is strong enough to handle any weather, whether it's heavy snow loads and wind, hurricanes, flooding or even earthquakes.

Be sure to talk with your manufacturer about the prevailing weather in your location and how that might affect your structure, as well as the traffic at your site and the potential for vandalism. When you go with premanufactured structures and talk about your site needs up front, you'll be able to find the ideal solution.



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