Create Year-Round Fun

Seasonal amenities can provide a great deal of recreational opportunities—at least until the weather turns. Many communities and recreational organizations are looking for facilities that can span seasons, remaining open and useful in winter and summer. Manufacturers and designers have responded with innovative new ways to keep the fun going year-round.

Q: We're interested in building a park that provides opportunities for year-round recreation. What should we consider?

A: There is a growing demand for multipurpose winter and summer facilities. Meet this demand with a combination refrigerated ice rink and splash pad. You can find an ice rink and splash pad combination product that uses the same floor to operate as an ice rink in the winter and a splash pad in the summer. Water lines and ice rink piping are both built in, making seasonal changeover simple.

The splash pad will provide all kinds of water fun, from in-ground jets to above-ground fixtures like daisies, spirals, bucket dumps, water blasters and activators. When winter comes, simply transition to an outdoor skating rink.

In addition, having a dual-use facility like this not only keeps the fun going year-round, but it also allows you to develop two recreational amenities in a single site, saving both space and cost.

In the past, close rink pipe spacing made it difficult to include the large water drains necessary for splash pads. A new patented drain allows rink pipes to pass through the drains, making it possible to construct a splash pad on an ice rink.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Look to partner with a turnkey firm that constructs both the ice rink and splash pad components so everything works together efficiently. You'll benefit from simple installation, without the need to coordinate multiple trades.



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