Program Your Pool for Kids


Coming up with fresh programming ideas for all of your swimming pool patrons throughout the long swim season can be a challenge for even the best and most creative aquatic professionals. Programming is the best way to attract new swimmers and keep them coming back for more. Commercial pool operators can meet the challenge with modular inflatable play products that are simple to set up and offer a way to boost the variety of your programming. With inflatable play products, aquatic facility owners and operators can transform any pool—regardless of size and depth—into a water adventure that's sure to increase visitor numbers and revenue.

Q: We'd like to expand our programming to get more kids in the pool. What should we consider?

A: There's nothing more gratifying than making people happy, and inflatable play products will create a lot of happy faces. They're a perfect fit for swim clubs looking to expand programming, and for special occasions where you want to boost the fun. Look for inflatables that are specifically designed for young fun-seekers. Kids 4 years old and up are usually between 39 inches and 59 inches in height and will benefit from products designed specifically for them.

Kids inflatables can be placed in shallow water and offer easier obstacles that young children can conquer, allowing them to build self-confidence and problem-solving skills while they're having fun.

Q: What kinds of combinations of inflatables should we look for?

A: If you have a larger pool, consider a diverse inflatable obstacle course. This option is the best choice for entertaining a lot of guests at once—up to 25 young kids at a time!

For a standard commercial pool, look for a track that combines several challenging inflatable modules connected together for a fun obstacle run. If your pool is smaller, there's still plenty of options. Be sure to ask about the best combination of inflatables to fit your pool. Look for inflatable combinations that are easy to install and handle, and that make quick changes as easy as possible.

In addition, look for inflatables that make it easier and quicker for patrons to get out of the water and onto the inflatable combination. Even better, this type of system can create multiple points of entry for more active play.

Q: We're concerned about safety for the kids at our pool. What should we know?

A: While fun is important, nothing is more important than patron safety. All kids inflatable pool products should be developed according to strict safety standards and TUV-certified—not just some.

Be sure to adhere to the calculated minimum water depth recommended for the inflatable play products, and look for reinforced welded seams and a pressure-release valve for maximum stability and safety.

It's also important to find play products that are designed to minimize entrapment hazards. Pool booms will ensure a safe, horizontal anchoring of inflatable units, which is especially convenient for higher products, as the pool boom's thick foam will protect against sliding or jumping. Height scales can help make sure the kids are not too small or too big.



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