Boost Excitement With Ninja Programs

If you want to attract new members and keep existing ones excited about visiting your facility, you need to entice them with creative and exciting program offerings. Staying on top of current trends and adding them to your programming mix is one sure way to boost enrollment—and revenue—at your facility.

Q: Enrollment has fallen at our facility, and we're looking for new ways to boost enrollment and profits without taking up a lot of space. What should we consider?

A: Filling your recreation and fitness programs is key to the health of your business, but it can be a challenge when you don't add new offerings.

Consider adding space-saving products at your facility that combine all of the skills of gymnastics with highly popular ninja-warrior activities. Look for products that are strong enough to support children through grownups, and you'll be able to expand your programs to every age group that visits your facility.

If you want to start small and grow, install a single unit and then expand from there with new sections to add unique challenges that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Be sure to look for well-built products that are durable and convenient to install and use.

Q: We'd like to provide a unique class offering to members that will enable them to explore our new ninja equipment. What should we consider?

A: You can find ninja warrior equipment that comes with a turnkey curriculum that encompasses physical literacy and more, all while bringing a new revenue stream to your gym.

Featuring detailed weekly lesson plans, this curriculum will teach strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and skill development—all while having fun! What's more, it provides training for staff to ensure your program is consistent.

Adding ninja-warrior equipment and courses will boost enrollment and excitement at your facility, helping with member retention while also attracting new members, ultimately bringing greater revenue to your business.



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