Select a Volleyball System

When it comes time to outfit your gymnasium, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the tremendous range of product options out there. If you're looking to offer opportunities to play volleyball in your gym, it's important to find the right system. Whether you're getting set up for college, high school or just recreational play, there's a volleyball net system to fit your program needs.

Q: We're looking to provide volleyball at our facility, but we don't want to deal with the hassle of heavy poles. Is there a volleyball system that is lighter and simple to set up?

A: You can find a volleyball system that features the strength of steel, but the weight of aluminum. Weighing 34 percent less than other volleyball systems, it is much simpler to set up and take down. What's more, it meets NCAA, NFHS and FIVB specs, so you'll be set whether you're simply wanting to start a recreational volleyball program or you're looking to provide competitive play.

Look for spring-loaded outer telescoping technology to provide more stability and less deflection during play.

Q: We'd like to set up a volleyball system in our gym, but we don't have floor plates. What should we consider?

A: Freestanding, portable systems are available that are perfect for tournament play and for locations where floor plates are not available. A built-in referee platform simplifies your equipment needs, and forks make setup, transport and storage easy.

Q: We're looking for a multipurpose system that will allow us to set up for volleyball, as well as other sports.

A: You can find multisport systems that will allow you to set up your net with a wide variety of height settings. That way, not only can you offer volleyball programming and games on your court, you'll also be able to provide tennis and badminton. Some systems can even be set up for Paralympic volleyball, allowing you to provide more inclusive programming.