Renovate Your Pool Affordably

Swimming pools provide a much-needed amenity to the communities they serve—offering a place for fun and recreation, as well as important fitness and swimming programs. But if your pool is showing signs of age, you might be losing business. Tight budgets can make pool renovations difficult, but there are methods and products to transform your pool and improve its aesthetics even within a tight budget.

Q: How can we renovate our pool in a more cost-effective way?

A: Many of the problems seen in older pools involve deteriorating surfaces, which can lead to water loss and pricey repairs. If your pool is constructed from concrete, fiberglass, steel or aluminum, you should consider a 60mil PVC membrane to line the interior, effectively sealing structural cracks and eliminating leaks. In addition to solving physical problems, a textured PVC membrane will be aesthetically pleasing, and provides a more comfortable surface with secure footing.

Leaks might also be appearing in your aging gutter system, so you might also want to consider a replacement stainless-steel and PVC gutter to eliminate problems there.

PVC membranes are a cost-effective renovation solution for public pools, always an important consideration when you're trying to expand the appeal of your pool. With the dollars saved, you can consider water-play elements and even waterslides to boost interest in your like-new facility.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Where cost-efficiency in renovation is a concern, full-service solutions will provide the best option. Look for a company that specializes in providing all aspects of your aquatic renovation, from initial design all the way through manufacturing and installation.

Partnering with a firm that specializes in pool renovations can dramatically reduce the cost of your pool renovation when compared with the conventional construction process. Be sure to ask for references and examples that are similar to your facility.